“Create a Scene” Contest!

Hello Dragons,  It is only fitting that a Halloween Party has a Halloween Contest!

**We do take your suggestions into consideration. The following contest was suggested by forum user Slenderman. You can see the original post HERE. The idea has been changed to fit our standards.**


1. You will create a scene on Kingdom Island that contains FOUR images. NO MORE, NO LESS. An example can be seen below.

2. Images CANNOT be edited in any way and they MUST include numeration.

3. You can combine the four pictures into one like I did on the example, but it is not a requirement. This is why the numeration is important.

4. You can use dialogue bubbles, emotes and costumes to your advantage.

5. The scene must include AT LEAST ONE Halloween room and must have a Halloween theme.

6. Only YOU can participate in your scene. The help of other dragons by participating in your scene is not allowed.

7. All pictures must show your player’s name.

8. You MUST create a title for your scene.

9. Only ONE entry per player.




Send your entry to fanokingdomisland@gmail.com

Your e-mail must follow the following rules:

1. The subject must be “Create a Scene Contest”.

2. The body must have your player’s name and the title of your scene.

3. The e-mail must include your pictures as attachments.



1. First place will win a FREE HD version for iOS and 1,000 Silver. The winner of this prize will be e-mailed before the HD version code is sent out. If you do not have iOS, already have the HD version or you simply DON’T want it, you can e-mail back to exchange the code for an extra 200 Silver. Further details will be sent to the winner.

2. Second place will win 800 Silver.

3. Third place will win 500 Silver.


Send your entries BEFORE Tuesday, October 21, 2014. Any entries sent on October 21 or after WILL NOT be accepted. The winners will be announced on Halloween.

Create a Scene EXAMPLE (You can’t use this idea)

Player name: Fano

Title: Rabbit in anti-wonderland

**Disclaimer: The quorum of participants must be at least five. If less than five players enter, all players will win 200 Silver for their participation instead of the prizes announced on this post.**

Until then,

Trivia Party #1: Review!

Hello Dragons,

Today we had our FIRST Trivia Party!

The party was announced on Twitter before it began (be sure to follow us HERE):

Here are the questions asked and their respective answers:

  1. What is the FIRST rule on the Rule Book? ANSWER: Improper use of chat.
  2. What EXCLUSIVE item is available during Halloween? ANSWER: Scarecrow costume.
  3. What EXCLUSIVE color can you get with the HD version? ANSWER: Yellow.
  4. Who is the MOST daring dragon in Kingdom Island? ANSWER: Daren.
  5. In what month did I (Fano) join Kingdom Island? Found in my player card. ANSWER: May.
  6. BONUS QUESTION: There’s a hidden image on the Blog. Who’s on the image? ANSWER: Spinno.

To see the post with the secret image CLICK HERE.

Winners got a follow from me on Kingdom Island. The bonus question winner was awarded with 200 Silver in addition to the follow. Furthermore, those who had won and were the first ones to answer another question correctly got 200 Silver.


  • Zygarde
  • Joeyourock12
  • Pancakez1
  • OriginalName
  • Joliet
  • Jennyladiva

Until next time,

Halloween Party 2014 and much MORE!

Hello Dragons,

The Halloween Party is here!

Spooky decorations, cool costumes and much more! The 4.1 update is full of surprises that you don’t want to miss!

Here’s what to expect when you enter Kingdom Island this month:

  1. Decorated rooms with scary and fantastic looks!
  2. Spooky costumes!
  3. New toolbar!
  4. And last but not least, a new Kingdom Island Profile (KIP) interface. The black screen should fit perfectly for all your Halloween needs!

I should also tell you to visit the Theater, but I won’t.

Be sure to check our Twitter page (@KingdomIsland) regularly because I’ll be hosting Trivia parties on Kingdom Island during certain days. Don’t fret, the parties will be announce with certain anticipation.

Possible prizes to win:

  • FREE Kingdom Island HD on your iOS device!
  • Silver! Mines and mines of Silver!
  • A “follow” from ME on Kingdom Island!
  • “follow” from the official Kingdom Island Twitter!

You don’t want to miss any of that, right? Be on the lookout then!

Until next time,


Something wicked this way comes!

Hello Dragons,

The Halloween Party is just a few days away!

If you’re a Beta Tester feel free to access http://www.kingdomisland.com/beta and test out the 4.1 update which includes the awesome Halloween Party!

If you wish to be a part of the testing experience don’t be afraid to apply to become a Beta Tester. Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Visit the Kingdom Island Boards and with your parent’s permission create an account by clicking HERE
  2. Visit the Beta Testing Applications Forum (Click here) and read the Application Rules (Click here)
  3. Create a new topic with the requirements mentioned on the rules

If the Team sees that you are fit to become a Beta Tester you will be contacted.

Until next time,

Fano Invasion!

Hello Dragons,

Fano InvasionFano invades the Blog!
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Fano and I am a Kingdom Island Game Moderator [GM].


I’m going to be posting here often so check regularly as I plan to host parties, give away prizes, show sneak peeks and do lots of other cool stuff! You certainly don’t want to miss that, right?

I also invite you to follow Kingdom Island’s official Twitter account (@KingdomIsland) because I’ll be tweeting there too. Sometimes I’ll post stuff over there that I won’t post on the blog so be on the lookout because I can be sneaky, hehehe. And pssst! Check it out now! I heard that you have a chance at winning a free HD app and 1,000 Silver!

As always, pay attention to the “Announcement” section of the Feed of the game because the Moderators send important alerts through there too.

Until next time,


Halloween Party and Update 4.1!

Hello Dragons,

KIP Update

The Halloween Party 2014 is almost here! We’re super excited to share this update because we’ve not only updated the island with the Halloween decorations again, but we’ve also updated a few more things as well! The Halloween update will be launching end of September or Early October and will run for an entire month until Halloween is over! We’re bringing back the rare Halloween items from the 2013 party so be sure to get these as they only come around for purchase once a year.

In addition to the Halloween Party, we’re also launching update 4.1! We have some great new features, one of which a complete redesign of a room! We can’t wait to share this with everyone else!

Until next time,


KIP Update 4.0!

Hello Dragons,

KIP Update

We’re proud to announce our biggest update ever is now complete! Introducing KIP- Kingdom Island Profile, an all new way to keep connected with all your friends in the Kingdom Island virtual world! We have a ton of features being added we know you will enjoy!
KIP – Update 4.0


-Message offline users (great for planning parties)!
-Search for users you have messaged in the past to quickly keep in contact.

-Post status updates that goes to all your follower’s feed!

-See announcements from Kingdom Island staff and game characters!
-View friend profiles and their feed posts!


-See your followers and who is following you, easily access their profile and see their posts.

-Search through your followers and following to quickly find your friends.


-Quick new access! Choose from a selection of great, addicting games (more coming soon in future updates!)

We’re releasing KIP on Friday, June 13th 2014! You can update you apps on iOS and Android platforms for free! Be sure to clear your cache on the website version to see the new update!

Until next time,


Upcoming Game Spoiler!

Hello Dragons,

New Kingdom Island Game!

As promised on our official Kingdom Island Twitter, we’re showing a small part of an upcoming game! The Kingdom Island staff has been working on this for quite a while and it’s nearly ready!

There are a few spoilers in the image above, as you can see Daren and the Bugz are doing something exciting! What do you think they’re doing?!

We can’t wait to launch this and share with everyone!

Until next time,


New Website Launched!

Hello Dragons,

New Website!

The Kingdom Island team has been quite busy lately working on completely revamping the website! We’re finally finished! How do you like the new update?

Included in this new site was the return of the highly requested news page! We’re so excited to start blogging and posting on updates again. Soon we’ll have spoilers to share about future additions to Kingdom Island!

Be sure to check out the rest of the website, there’s a lot to see!

Until next time,