KIP Update 4.0!

Hello Dragons,

KIP Update

We’re proud to announce our biggest update ever is now complete! Introducing KIP- Kingdom Island Profile, an all new way to keep connected with all your friends in the Kingdom Island virtual world! We have a ton of features being added we know you will enjoy!
KIP – Update 4.0


-Message offline users (great for planning parties)!
-Search for users you have messaged in the past to quickly keep in contact.

-Post status updates that goes to all your follower’s feed!

-See announcements from Kingdom Island staff and game characters!
-View friend profiles and their feed posts!


-See your followers and who is following you, easily access their profile and see their posts.

-Search through your followers and following to quickly find your friends.


-Quick new access! Choose from a selection of great, addicting games (more coming soon in future updates!)

We’re releasing KIP on Friday, June 13th 2014! You can update you apps on iOS and Android platforms for free! Be sure to clear your cache on the website version to see the new update!

Until next time,


Upcoming Game Spoiler!

Hello Dragons,

New Kingdom Island Game!

As promised on our official Kingdom Island Twitter, we’re showing a small part of an upcoming game! The Kingdom Island staff has been working on this for quite a while and it’s nearly ready!

There are a few spoilers in the image above, as you can see Daren and the Bugz are doing something exciting! What do you think they’re doing?!

We can’t wait to launch this and share with everyone!

Until next time,


New Website Launched!

Hello Dragons,

New Website!

The Kingdom Island team has been quite busy lately working on completely revamping the website! We’re finally finished! How do you like the new update?

Included in this new site was the return of the highly requested news page! We’re so excited to start blogging and posting on updates again. Soon we’ll have spoilers to share about future additions to Kingdom Island!

Be sure to check out the rest of the website, there’s a lot to see!

Until next time,