Clothing Shop to Open Soon!

Hello Dragons!

I hope you are all enjoying the new updates we have put together. As many of you have noticed, there will be a new room opening soon!

Yes that’s right! The clothing shop is almost ready to be opened up!

Here is a sneak peek of what is inside!

Clothing Shop Sneak Peek
Pretty Exciting huh!

The finishing touches are coming along and I’d love to hear some ideas you all have for this room. Some of your ideas may actually make it inside!

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “Clothing Shop to Open Soon!

  1. Joeyourock12

    Nice!Maybe add a little catalog in the corner of the screen when you’r inside the clothes shop,and when the catalog is clicked the clothing menu could come up!Also I can see there is a little mat in the middle of the floor maybe there could be a picture of a dragon in some fancy clothes!Overall I really love the design and can’t wait for this to come out!

  2. Odis10

    Good idea Joe, on the other hand, it would be good to add some mirrors, dressers, new resident in this room, or move any one, really, I have no ideas, I need to see more than just a sketch, to really imagine that it could add.

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