Trivia Party #1: Review!

Hello Dragons,

Today we had our FIRST Trivia Party!

The party was announced on Twitter before it began (be sure to follow us HERE):

Here are the questions asked and their respective answers:

  1. What is the FIRST rule on the Rule Book? ANSWER: Improper use of chat.
  2. What EXCLUSIVE item is available during Halloween? ANSWER: Scarecrow costume.
  3. What EXCLUSIVE color can you get with the HD version? ANSWER: Yellow.
  4. Who is the MOST daring dragon in Kingdom Island? ANSWER: Daren.
  5. In what month did I (Fano) join Kingdom Island? Found in my player card. ANSWER: May.
  6. BONUS QUESTION: There’s a hidden image on the Blog. Who’s on the image? ANSWER: Spinno.

To see the post with the secret image CLICK HERE.

Winners got a follow from me on Kingdom Island. The bonus question winner was awarded with 200 Silver in addition to the follow. Furthermore, those who had won and were the first ones to answer another question correctly got 200 Silver.


  • Zygarde
  • Joeyourock12
  • Pancakez1
  • OriginalName
  • Joliet
  • Jennyladiva

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “Trivia Party #1: Review!

  1. Duder

    That looked like a fun time! Sadly I was taking my SAT so I missed out. Hopefully i can make the next one :)

    1. Bryan Post author

      Hey there!

      This picture was taken by me when I told everyone to smile. If you notice, your picture over at the Forum has me looking towards the water whereas the picture on this post shows me looking straight ahead.

      See you in the game!

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