Parents Information

As a concerned parent, we understand the struggle of finding quality, fun, and entertaining social games for your child. Below is information on Kingdom Island on some of our core features designed to keep users of all ages secure. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

A Secure Online Virtual World!

Elmer with dragon

Kingdom Island is an online virtual world where users meet new friends and socialize with thousands of other players worldwide! Customize your character, play games, and explore the island in a fun, safe, and exciting multiplayer environment! The possibilities are endless! Kingdom Island is available not only online, but on iOS and Android devices too!

Hang Out With Friends!

Hang out with your friends!

Kids can hang out in a secure environment with their friends!

Play Games!

Play Games!

Kingdom Island has full feature, exciting, and addicting games playable for all ages!

Customize Your Dragon

Customize your Dragon!

Kids can use their imagination to customize their dragon however they want!

Child Security

Kingdom Island Moderator

Kingdom Island was designed around the idea of allowing enjoyment in social gaming. A key principle in allowing users to enjoy Kingdom Island is the safe keeping of all users. Kingdom Island is moderated 24 hours, 7 days a week by our artificial intelligence computer system and support staff team. We've implemented many security features to allow all users to interact securely, if you have any questions on security please feel free to contact us anytime!

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Users can message securely with friends. All messages must pass through our continually updated filter.

Blocking Users

Block Users

Rude or rule breaking users can be added to a "block" list. Being added to a block list makes that user disappear.


Report Players

Users can report other players who break the rules to a game moderator for review.

KI+, HD, Ads

Kingdom Island Plus


KI+ is a monthly membership for bonus and extra features provided by Kingdom Island. All transactions are processed with PayPal, they do accept credit and debit card transactions. Kingdom Island never sees your credit or debit card information for security purposes. More information can be found about Kingdom Island+ (KI+) here.

Kingdom Island HD

Kingdom Island HD

Kingdom Island HD is the ad free "on the go" version of Kingdom Island for mobile devices. In addition to being ad free, Kingdom Island HD come with "HD" only items and bonuses! All transactions are processed through Apple's App Store or Google Play's store. More information, including a list of all bonuses that come on Kingdom Island HD, can be found here.

Report Players

Ad Information

Advertisements are displayed to users who are not on the Kingdom Island HD version or have a KI+ membership. All advertisements are displayed and distributed by a third party, however Kingdom Island only supports advertisement platforms of which are reputable and secure. All advertisement platforms are in compliance with our privacy policy.