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Clothing Shop Update!

Hello Dragons!

It’s been a while since I last posted, but all for a good reason. I’ve been busy making all of the last minute details to finish off the clothing shop that is opening soon!

Along with this shop opening, there will also be some new items for you to wear around the island. Here’s a peek at some new items that you may see in the next coming updates.

What do you all think?


Clothing Contest 2014!


Hello Dragons!

With the new clothing shop underway, I feel it is time again for a clothing design contest!

Just like last year, the winning design will be featured inside our game!

All you have to do is draw over the design template below and submit the design to us via our kingdom island forum. All designs must be entered by 12/13/14

Click here for Clothing Design Template

Post your designs here!

Until next time,

Clothing Shop to Open Soon!

Hello Dragons!

I hope you are all enjoying the new updates we have put together. As many of you have noticed, there will be a new room opening soon!

Yes that’s right! The clothing shop is almost ready to be opened up!

Here is a sneak peek of what is inside!

Clothing Shop Sneak Peek
Pretty Exciting huh!

The finishing touches are coming along and I’d love to hear some ideas you all have for this room. Some of your ideas may actually make it inside!

Until next time,