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Kingdom Island 5.0 Update

Postby Tony » Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:35 am

Hello Everyone,

Kingdom Island 5.0 is now available on iOS and HTML5 (web) versions for both free and HD!

"Kingdom Island's big update is here!

Holiday decorations removed, running the game off a new server, and tons of new items for HD Members:

HD New Items:
• Red Hat
• Top Hat
• King's Crown
• Safari Hat
• Mustache
• Reading Glasses
• Pink Stylish Glasses
• Snorkel Goggles
• Black Sunglasses
• Pink Plush Toy
• Headphones
• Backpack
• Atom Shirt
• Classy Shirt
• Purple Polo
• Black Slippers
• Beach Dress
• Pink Dotted Dress
• Sunset Bathing Suit
• Turtle Floatie
• Turtle Outfit
• Chef Suit
• Letterman Jacket
• Orange Boy's Swimsuit
• Pink Camo Pants
• Camo Pants
• Roller Skates
• Pink Flip Flops

Introducing the TOON DRAGON! Turn your dragon into a toon!!

We've also added a new SHOP so you can organize your items you have and the items that are for sale

Daren's Cannon is now available! Download Daren's Cannon from the game screen! How far can you go?


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