FAQ - Basics

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  • Can I talk with other players?

    Yes you can! At the bottom of the page there is a chat bar, which you can click to type messages for your friends. After you finish writing your message press ENTER or click the arrow on the right to send it. You can also see what other players have said by dragging the green tab upwards.

  • Can I message someone?

    Yes. If you wish to chat with a player privately, click his avatar and then the "Message" button. This should open up a page where you can chat with your friend. On the left side of this page you can see the list of dragons that you have previously talked with. Remember that the Kingdom Island rules apply to private messaging too and that moderators can read this messages to ensure the game's safety.

  • What is Silver?

    Silver is one of the game's currencies. It can be found on the floor around the island or by playing games. When you see Silver on the floor, just walk to it to pick it up. Silver can be used to buy different styles for your dragon to wear.

  • What is a "GM"?

    GM stands for Game Moderator and they are the dragons in charge to keep Kingdom Island safe. Moderators are identified with a green [GM] symbol on their name. Trying to impersonate a moderator is against the rules. Furthermore, disobeying a warning given by a moderator is prohibited.

  • What should I do if someone is breaking the rules?

    If you see someone breaking the rules you should report them. To report a player click their avatar and then the "Report" button. After this, select the reason why you are reporting them from the list given. Never make a false report or report the same player numerous times. A single report has the same effect as five of them. Reporting the same player continuously or false reporting makes a moderator's job harder and can be penalized with a ban.